Thursday, 3 October 2013

EnhanceYour Sleep, Enhance Your Potential with Doctor Pillow

Have you ever wondered what makes Doctor Pillow so special? There is not one, but there are six amazing reasons for Doctor Pillow being one of the best orthopedic pillows available untill date.
Only a few years ago, orthopedic pillows were used by a few people as they were not totally aware of its utilities. Today, because of its beneficial effect, they are not only found pretty much in every bedroom, but are also recommended by doctors all over the world. It is said that if you do hard labor throughout the day, you are bound to go into a peaceful slumber as soon as you lie down on your bed. However, this is not the case for many. Irrespective of hard work, regular exercise and good diet a large number of people are the unfortunate victims of insomnia. According to them, medicines are useless for them and they look forward to such an effective way of treatment that will help them get rid of insomnia without popping pills day in and day out. And, the situation gets even worse when it is accompanied by stress and neck pain.
Under such circumstances you don’t need sleep suggestions all you need is a comfy pillow to enhance your sleep. If you have an orthopedic pillow at your disposal, you could “fluff” it as you twist and turn on bed and find extreme relief in its comfort. When you are suffering from sleep disorder, it happens that you tend to wake up feeling tired, your neck, shoulders and back hurts persistently, you don't have any energy, and your whole day is bound to go into the trash can. Doctor Pillow is highly appreciated for its healing and corrective properties. The product is basically targeted at relieving neck pain, insomnia and stress. It has all the features that will help you get rid of your specific sleep problem in a jiffy.

Apart from high-tech micro fiber filling, 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover, ventilated design and anti –allergic qualities, Doctor Pillow contains exclusive natural ingredients that make it highly resistant to micro-organisms and bad odor. As soon as you lay your head on the pillow, your senses will be carried away to a whole new world of ecstasy. The pillow will alleviate pressure from the bony prominences in the neck region and promote circulation by conforming to every curve and contour of your head, neck and shoulders.

Of course, there are plenty of suggestions for good sleep, but if you have a medical condition like insomnia, then most smart natural way of getting rid of it would be to bring home a Doctor Pillow.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Unique Gift Ideas – Special Gift for a Special Person

Choosing the perfect gift for a special person in your life has always been a tough task to accomplish. And, more so when you don’t have any idea as to which special gift can make a special occasion more pronounced and memorable. Coming up with a unique gift idea can be really tricky. The ideal gift is one which shows the recipient that you have put in some thought and energy into choosing the right gift for him or her. While you can always pick up things like jewellery, attires, cosmetics, flowers, sweets and more, an innovative way to get a lovely gift is to opt for personalized gift items.

Thanks to the high-end technology, innovation and design that goes in the making of Doctor Pillow.  Pillows under this brand can weave a story about matchless comfort and ecstasy. They are one of the best health gift ideas that can make your emotions and care come to life in the real sense of the term. From computer geeks to old grandparents, from newlyweds to pregnant ladies, everyone can use Doctor Pillow for gaining comfort and sound sleep. It’s the perfect health gift for all!

health gifts ideas

Today, lack of good quality sleep, insomnia, neck pain, tiredness, poor concentration, etc. have become such things which are almost unavoidable unless you take refuge in the assistance of sleeping pills or long medical prescriptions. With Doctor Pillow you can achieve good night’s sleep as well as freedom from neck pain and sleep disorders in a very convenient way. Yes, this line of pillows are made up of micro-fiber filling that helps restore the normal neck curvature while you sleep and also supports blood circulation to your head, neck and shoulders. It is especially recommended for those people who suffer from insomnia, chronic neck pain due to bad posture and for those who are in the habit of enjoying luxury every night!

Doctor Pillow enhances level of concentration by providing you with total relaxation night after night. Also, it benefits people who snore and those who complain of frequent headache, neck stiffness and torticollis. The pillow is of immense use to pregnant women as well; because it supports them with quality sleep and help them combat the downsides of pregnancy in a very effective way.

Thus, with this health gift idea at your disposal, this festive season plan to exceed the expectations of your loved one in a unique way. Introduce Doctor Pillow to your family, friends, relatives with pride and confidence. 100% Egyptian cotton pillow cover combined with easily washable design will certainly keep a great health gift stay crisp and fresh – in mind and on bed forever!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Natural Wellness Products – As Superbly Impressive Gift Options

Agree to it or not, but the joy of celebrations gets magnified by many fold with sharing of gifts. With Ganesha striding first over the red carpet, a large number of celebrations are on their way. So, what are you planning to share with your loved ones in the forthcoming season of festivals? Will it be a bouquet of flowers, sweets, gadgets or you are thinking of surprising them with something which comes in the category of unique gifts?

Well, if your are determined to go with the ‘unique gift’ idea, then we have the right thing for you. Doctor Pillow is a very luxurious, effective and long lasting natural wellness product that can be offered as a personalized gift to your family, relatives & friends during this festival season. It’s truly an incredibly personal gift, providing people a way to get rid of their physical problems and lead a happy cum healthy life. Doctor Pillow is something, which is both personal as well as functional. Can you think of a better gift than this?

Doctor Pillow

Doctor Pillow is specially designed health product to prevent neck pain and to help you get sound sleep every day. The dense, firm and comfortable micro-fibre filling of this pillow gives you extra support while you sleep. It keeps your head, neck and shoulders in perfect contour and ensures that blood circulation to these regions are kept intact as you change your position several times while sleeping. Natural ingredients like green tea extracts, charcoal and castor oil gives its natural resistance to odor. Besides, the 100% Egyptian cotton pillow cover maintains optimum ventilation between the pillow and the skin providing you sound sleep throughout the night. Doctor Pillow is an authentic health product that has been recommended by doctors all over the world and is highly trusted among users. It is indeed a comfortable and thoughtful gift that is likely to be preserved as a token of love from you for many years to come.

Tencel Quilt

Available in many different stores, these luxurious pillows are both special and practical. They stand for a good wish, a wish where you aspire to see everyone happy, healthy and pain free. Not only do these comfortable cushions make a great addition to any bedroom, but they are also fantastic gifts for those who suffer from chronic insomnia, neck pain & cervical spondylosis.

If you get it, this festive season, you will surely not miss the chance to bring forth a pint of smile from a loved one. At Doctor Pillow, we welcome you to explore the options available for creating your very own personalized gift this festive season!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Your Preferred Sleep Positions can lay Great Impact on Your Spinal Cord

While dancing to the lures of modern life, you might have frequently realized how important it is to get a proper amount of sleep every night. Nobody likes to get up in the morning feeling more tired and lethargic. A daily dose of sound sleep is extremely important to maintain your energy levels, ability to stay focussed and stress levels. It only saves you from an array of sleeping problems, but also gives your body the time and energy to carry out the self healing process. other factor that leads to a good sleep, the way you configure your body in bed prior to sleeping effects on the quality and quantity of sleep.  Sleep positions can do a great deal with your sleep cycle as well as your body. Neck pain, torticollis, muscle stress are some of the common problems precipitated by bad sleeping position.  According to sleep advice extended by experts, some of the common sleeping positions and their outcomes are as follows:
·         On your back & arms at side – This is one of the best sleeping positions and is known to be beneficial for overall spinal health, as long as you avoid using a pillow.
·         On your back with arms up – Also popular as the “starfish” position, this one is good for your back and help you to prevent facial wrinkles by promoting sleep.
·         On your stomach & face down – Although sleeping in this configuration is good for your digestion, it can adversely affect the neck by putting a lot of strain on it.
·         Sleeping like a Foetus - Foetal position means curling up into a ball with knees drawn up and chin tilted down. This might be a great position for a foetus floating in amniotic fluid, but it can play havoc on adults by straining the back & neck muscles.
·         Side lying with arms at sides – This sleeping position promotes good sleep and reduces both neck and back pain. It maintains proper alignment of the spine providing it with maximum comfort naturally.
·         Side lying with arms out – This position is likely to cause pain in the shoulders and arms by obstructing the flow of blood and pressurizing the nerves.
·         Side lying on the right – If side lying is your favorite sleeping position, you need to be careful! As per sleep advices, side sleeping can strain your internal organs and trigger heartburn by minimizing acid reflux.
Well, irrespective of which sleeping position you prefer, you can achieve a good night’s sleep and sound health by switching on to Doctor Pillow. It’s one of the best ergonomic pillows produced till date. It supplements every contour of your head, neck & shoulder perfectly giving you fresh, pain free and energetic mornings.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Doctor pillow - It’s time to shop for the perfect combination of luxury & comfort

A good pillow does not necessarily mean satin pillow cover and some cushiony fiber filling. To provide you with perfect comfort and stress relief, your pillow has to be supportive, skin friendly and durable. These three features are in fact most mandatory in ergonomic pillows.

Although you’ll find a prodigious number of options in the market these days, there are a very few brands which have seriously met the needs of their customers by incorporating these three vital features in their product.

Have you browse through the wide range of pillow solutions by Doctor Pillow? This brand adopts a high-tech ergonomic design for their entire range of pillow for neck pain. 100% Egyptian cotton cover, ventilated design, anti-allergic micro fiber filling, in conjunction with pressure relieving effects promise maximum comfort to your head, neck and shoulder. At night, as you curl and twist to gain your favorite sleep position, Doctor Pillow improves circulation by conforming to every curve and responding to the change in pressure. This allows your neck and shoulder muscles to relax completely as you drift into a peaceful slumber.

Apart from shopping your pair of Doctor Pillow from retails shops, you can also buy pillow online. Browsing through the internet will easily land you to their website. Online shopping is much preferable because it gives the customer the opportunity to compare items, which is not really available in retail shopping. You can collect as much product information as you want, compare prices and take a sneak peek of different aspects while buying pillow online. 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Doctor Pillow An effective option for stress management

Be it about an office issue, a family problem or any other complicacy of day-to-day life, everyone feels stressed sometimes. However, given to today’s hectic schedule, not everyone is capable of adopting the universally accepted ways to reduce stress.

What do you do then? What tactics do you follow for stress relief? Do you choose to wait and watch, until stress inflicting factors come to a resolution by themselves or opt to digest some tranquilizers? Well, this is a very bad thing to do. For attaining a happier and healthier life it is important that you seek refuge in the arms of a preferable stress combating solution – a solution that’s compatible to your mood, lifestyle and specific needs.

Wouldn’t it be a unique thing if you could afford to abandon all your stress and drift into a peaceful slumber as soon as you lay down your head on the pillow? Yes, it would definitely be very helpful! In alignment with this concept, Spread is successfully distributing its one-of-a-kind pillow range across different parts of the country. Doctor Pillow is a unique form of ergonomic pillow that is supported by a list of state-of-the-art features. Innovative design of this pillow confirms to your body contour inducing unprecedented comfort to your senses. It not only keeps your muscles happy but also promotes body’s natural stress relieving mechanism by breaking the strain-pain cycle.

No matter what tends to cause the stress in you, stop thinking how to get rid of stress, dare to shed your stress off with Doctor Pillow support. Make up your mind to get hold of a pair today......investing in Doctor Pillow doesn’t mean investing in a product, it means investing in happiness!!