Friday, 6 September 2013

Your Preferred Sleep Positions can lay Great Impact on Your Spinal Cord

While dancing to the lures of modern life, you might have frequently realized how important it is to get a proper amount of sleep every night. Nobody likes to get up in the morning feeling more tired and lethargic. A daily dose of sound sleep is extremely important to maintain your energy levels, ability to stay focussed and stress levels. It only saves you from an array of sleeping problems, but also gives your body the time and energy to carry out the self healing process. other factor that leads to a good sleep, the way you configure your body in bed prior to sleeping effects on the quality and quantity of sleep.  Sleep positions can do a great deal with your sleep cycle as well as your body. Neck pain, torticollis, muscle stress are some of the common problems precipitated by bad sleeping position.  According to sleep advice extended by experts, some of the common sleeping positions and their outcomes are as follows:
·         On your back & arms at side – This is one of the best sleeping positions and is known to be beneficial for overall spinal health, as long as you avoid using a pillow.
·         On your back with arms up – Also popular as the “starfish” position, this one is good for your back and help you to prevent facial wrinkles by promoting sleep.
·         On your stomach & face down – Although sleeping in this configuration is good for your digestion, it can adversely affect the neck by putting a lot of strain on it.
·         Sleeping like a Foetus - Foetal position means curling up into a ball with knees drawn up and chin tilted down. This might be a great position for a foetus floating in amniotic fluid, but it can play havoc on adults by straining the back & neck muscles.
·         Side lying with arms at sides – This sleeping position promotes good sleep and reduces both neck and back pain. It maintains proper alignment of the spine providing it with maximum comfort naturally.
·         Side lying with arms out – This position is likely to cause pain in the shoulders and arms by obstructing the flow of blood and pressurizing the nerves.
·         Side lying on the right – If side lying is your favorite sleeping position, you need to be careful! As per sleep advices, side sleeping can strain your internal organs and trigger heartburn by minimizing acid reflux.
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